One day, the sun went out.



Not even the wisest scientists understood what was happening. The light is extinguished! After several months of darkness and a cold never before experienced, Lanterna decided to solve the problem. Without light, movies can’t be filmed and stories can’t be counted. Then an astronaut was trained.

After a long and secret training, astronaut was launched towards the sun, carrying with him a small lantern with a burning fire inside which was connected to an oxygen tank.

Once he was really close to the dead sun, he threw the lantern and the oxygen tank, generating a nuclear fusion that, slowly but surely, reignited the sun. As he escaped, the light came back to the universe, and movies could be made again.



Located in Medellín, we are not just a film production company, not just an advertising agency, not just a television or film studio. We simply do all these activities together with a great commitment to creativity and a lot of collaboration because we are also dedicated to helping other companies make all these things happen.

Combining important talents such as directors, creatives, producers, thinkers, writers, musicians and doers from all continents we guarantee that we will always find an appropriate point of view to make each project memorable.

We realized that specializing in something is not the best answer because a great idea can be anything.

We are obstinate in noting that the most interesting and challenging ideas are always on the way and here we want to work them together between you and our team.

Our great motivation is to make South America and the world full of the ideas that Lanterna Pictures continues to generate in any way.